Under the Gunn recap: Benefit Cosmetics real women

Last week the remaining designers on Under the Gunncompeted as teams vying for the prize of having their mini-collection sold in Francesca's stores. Team Oscar and Shan won the challenge, and to their surprise Francesca's selected two pieces to feature in its collection. At the end of the show, Natalia was sent home and Asha, Blake and Sam were given a pass by the judges to return.

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Last night the five remaining designers were paired with a "real women" with fashion issues, and asked to create a design to meet her needs. The designers were given thirty minutes to sketch and get to know their clients.

Sam's client asked for a body-conscious dress, which he was more than happy to provide. However, mentor Mondo provided honest criticism when he said that Sam's design looked like a nurse's uniform.

Asha's client had recently lost fifty pounds and wanted a party dress with bling. Mondo also advised Asha that making her dress too short would cheapen the look.

Oscar's client was a pageant queen at heart, and they both agreed on a design for sophisticated gown; mentor Nick didn't have any advice for Oscar, since the client's request fell into Oscar's area of expertise.

Shan's client requested a crop-top, saying that although she often hid her stomach under T-shirts and sweaters, she wanted to take a chance.

Blake, the only contestant who has not won a challenge, was nervous about meeting the judges and his client's expectations for a bold-color, flirty dress.

The client fittings created a bit of excitement. Blake didn't have anything ready for the fitting, so he pinned pieces together to give his client an idea of how her request for something flirty and colorful would look. Mentor Anya delivered shocking news to Shan, informing him that his client had an allergic reaction to the sequined crop-top he was designing. Shan had to start over without a plan. The guest judge for this challenge was Annie Ford Danielson, global beauty authority for Benefit Cosmetics, one of the show's sponsors. The judges delivered both plenty of praise and harsh words this week. They said they couldn't tell what Sam's look was trying to say; they felt his design was underwhelming and described it as "boardroom boring."

The judges liked Asha's party dress design, but were concerned about the construction. Blake's choice of print received mixed reviews, but his dress was deemed okay. Shan's dress had been constructed in one hour, but was well-liked by the judges. Oscar's dress received mixed reviews; the judges liked his design, but wanted to know that there was more to his creativity than producing gowns.

At the end of the show, the judges gave Oscar, Asha and Sam a safe pass to return next week and Blake was sent home. Benefit Cosmetics awarded $1,000 to Shan for his quick solution of a design problem; the judges awarded him another $5,000.

The design challenge for next week? Fashions inspired by Marvel comics.