Diesel Shows Cephalopods (Updated with Video)

Note: Here's the video -- finally posted on YouTube.

Last week the blogosphere was all atwitter about Diesel webcasting its spring/summer 2008 collection, scheduled for Friday evening and titled "Liquid Space." Even boingboing got in on the action when Diesel announced that the models would be walking in "a futuristic world of bioluminescence, giant mechanic cephalopods, futuristic aquanauts, and mysterious galactic polips."

Cat had no idea what that meant -- other than that she would tune in. Sadly, she was a bit disappointed and couldn't get through the whole video. The clothes, though futuristic, were meh, and the giant mechanic cephalopods left something to be desired. Cool concept, but the execution didn't live up to the idea. Or maybe it was just better on the runway.