Guerilla Furniture Makers Stalk Denver's Museums

In what has to be the coolest guerilla marketing campaign ever, Denver-based furniture fabricators Double Butter took it upon themselves to install their designs outside two of the most coveted locations the city has available to artists: The Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art | Denver. Installation without permission is nothing new in the art world, and more than a handfull of brazen artists have entered museums and hung their work on the walls, only to be taken down by the first gaurd to walk by.

But it's rare to see a piece like these Roadrunner benches from Double Butter that deserves to stay. Museum heads and the city alike, will have to think long and hard as to whether they want to take them out just to prove their position-of-power point.

If they notice it at all. These works fit in perfectly with the surroundings.

The crafty folks at Double Butter just walked up, drilled holes in the pavement, and installed two of the coolest works of semi-permanent vandalism this town has ever seen. Check out this video that records the whole process.

And be sure to check out their new work tonight at The 400, 1010 Bannock Street. -- Sean Cronin