What to Wear Fridays: Anne Macomber

This is the last weekend of the Denver International Film Festival, and dressing for such an occasion is no easy task. You want to look hip in case you get caught by any of the roving paparazzi, but you also want to be comfortable because, well, you'll be on your ass all day long. It's sort of like the air travel dilemma: Cat always wants to bring the glamour of the old-school flying to her expeditions, but the reality of five hours on a plane often trumps that fantasy. To solve the conundrum, Cat went to local filmmaker Anne Macomber, who knows a thing or three about screening rooms. Here's her advice (with photos shot by her two-and-a-half-year-old, Daisy. Seriously. Smart kid.):

Ass-tastic jeans: "The most expensive jeans you own. Why the most expensive, you ask? Because the older I get, the more I realize there is a direct correlation between the cost of your pants and how good your butt looks. $180 jeans actually come with the ass of a 16 year old in them."

Black is the new black: "Whenever I try to break out and wear something in a color (like brown or gray) I feel way too flashy at these things. So black. And for me, a black sweater because it's always cold in theatres. And it won't show buttered-popcorn stains."

Jacket sense: "I prefer one that is warm (see above note about AC in theatres), black and sort of euro-looking. Sort of."

These boots are made for sitting: "Boots with heels. At these things, taller is always better. And you can get away with really uncomfortable ones because you'll be sitting down the whole time. And if you feel compelled to wear a color, at least wear one that is mainly covered up by your jeans."

You've heard it straight from the horse's mouth. Literally. Anne finds out in December if her new film -- Little Horses Big Dreams, which "follows the story of a miniature plastic horse named Helga as she comes out of retirement for a chance to qualify for the Model Horse nationals" — made it into Sundance. Cat has her paws crossed.