Style Swap

Style trends are changing almost everyday. Five days a week, I am confined to the halls of my school, where I see teen fashion all around me. What happens when guys and girls swap their “norms” of style? I see the guys taking on skinny jeans -- tighter then the girls -- as well as wearing low v-cut T’s. They are fearless of color and patterns -- neon, argyle, and splatter paint are just a few of the designs seen on a guys clothing.

And the girls are sure adding a more masculine touch! Looser fitting clothes like the “boyfriend” jean -- a baggy yet comfy jean that we are used to seeing on guys is becoming popular for girls. Then there is the baggy sweaters and hoodies that have become popular in darker colors and simple stripes. This generation is fearless of challenging society's norms and willing to experience the other side!

-- Sarah Bolliger