Listen Productions Gives "Henry" the Red Carpet Treatment

One week ago, tonight, the “who’s who” of Denver’s many, many stages gathered at Littleton Town Hall to celebrate and recognize outstanding work in the theatrical community.

Last Monday’s award ceremony sparked a little buzz amongst the Colorado Theater Guild members when 18 of the 20 Henry Awards went to only four of the eligible forty-nine companies. Denver Post theatre critic, John Moore, dishes about some of the challenges surrounding the logistics of the nominating processes and offers a few solutions to these challenges here.

All in all, though, last Monday proved that it is a great time to be an artist in Denver. Mitch Dickman, media mastermind behind Listen Productions, was on deck that night to present an award, as well as to film a little of the pre-show goings on for our website. Check out the video of his red carpet coverage right here, then visit to learn more about Dickman’s up and coming company.

Thanks for watching after the jump, and congratulations to all the Henry nominees! -- Steven J. Burge