The Dark Side

I have always been fascinated with Goth style. Now, I would never be able to wear black clothing everyday, but I really respect those who do! My best friend is what most would consider Goth, but her style is so much more interesting that just layers of black on black. Cayla is a smart girl with a talent for art. Her drawings are stunning, her poetry is touching, and her kindness fills a room. At first glance you would not know any of that, and because of her style many people jump to conclusions about her before getting to know her.

Cayla’s favorite place to shop is Hot Topic, where she can buy bondage pants, studs, and fishnet gloves. Her eye make up is intricate, thick eyeliner of all colors, with symbols and swirls off to the side. Though Cayla's clothing is dark, she is a bright soul with an amazing heart and her clothing doesn't tell the whole story of who she is!

-- Sarah Bolliger