Look of the Day -- Jenna and Regan

“Come look at the flirts!"

Jenna Bainbridge (left) and Regan Linton (right) are tearing up the stage in Phamaly’s (Physically Handicapped Actors and Musical Arts League, Inc.) production of Side Show. This Tony award winning musical tells the story of conjoined twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton, and their rise from “Freak Show” attraction to Vaudeville superstars. The show’s two beauties took a break from their opening night party and their hordes of adoring fans to pose for our camera.

Between Jenna’s dress and Regan’s bombshell blonde, the girls could easily give Marilyn a run for her money. Jenna embodies the classic look of 1950’s Hollywood in an eye-catching halter-like frock. Her vibrant, yellow dress demands almost as much attention as the pretty, young star does, and her flawless skin could make a porcelain doll green with envy.

While Ms. Bainbridge glams it up, her bombshell counterpart, Regan, chooses to keep it casual in a pair of sassy blue jeans and a basic black top. Even the blingiest of bling would pale in comparison to Regan’s million watt smile, so Ms. Linton keeps the accessories to a minimum and lets her natural beauty steal all the focus. Well… mostly natural beauty. Those killer highlights of hers were maybe helped out a little bit by Salon on the Boulevard’s color genius, Christina Chavez. But let’s just keep that between us, shall we?

So double your pleasure and catch Jenna, Regan and all the rest of their Side Show family at the Denver Center’s Space Theatre, through June 29th. Tickets are on sale through the Denver Center Box Office -- 303-893-4100 or toll free 1-800-641-1222.

Read more about the this powerful story and the brilliant actors who tell it right here, in Juliet Whitman’s glowing review.

-- Steven J. Burge