A Slimming Summer Top at Eve

Cat stopped into Eve this morning on her way to work, just wanting to browse around and see what was new and interesting in the Larimer Square boutique. She found this darling top by a Russian designer. Cat loves that: a.) it is wash and wear b.) it has a hood -- and everything is better with a hood c.) it looks good on even large-busted women.

Seriously, Cat isn't the skinniest of minis and she's become better endowed up top (naturally, not via the knife), so finding blouses that are cut well is a nightmare. Cat put on a medium and it skimmed and slimmed her perfectly. Plus, the Western yoke is just darling. (Okay, Cat has an affinity for West meets modern since her daddy was a cowboy.)

It's $145, which was too much for Cat to just splurge on, but she'll be contemplating on this top for a while.

Eve 1415 Laimer Street 720-932-9382