Teen Fashions: Hollywood Hookups

Teen fashion correspondent Sarah Bolliger brings us the teen view of the latest summer fashion trends.

I’m just back from a vacation in California, where a bizarre visit to Hollywood inspired this blog. I was in a world where fashion seemed completely influenced by the celebrities you might stumble into; everywhere I went, I saw a reference to a star. So when I returned home, I made it my mission to ask teens who they’d love to dress like, and then give them a look that mimics those in the Hollywood limelight.

Katie, sixteen, chose Demi Lovato (pictured above) as her celebrity idol: "Her clothes in Disney’s latest original movie, Camp Rock, were amazing and a lot like me!" Demi chooses fun, colorful, creative pieces, and pairs them with knee-length suede boots or a long, chunky necklace. The styles of both Demi and Katie are all about personality and expressing who they really are!

Matt, sixteen, had no problem choosing his celebrity fashion icon: Serj Tankian (pictured left), the lead singer of System of a Down. “His style is mysterious, yet very unique,” he explains. “I like to add my own twist by wearing Urban Pipeline pants. They add volume and are not jean fabric, which is unbearable to wear!”

Look after the jump for how to recreate these looks.