Earshots Jewelry Wants You To Rock Responsibly

If your group of friends is at all like mine, you might recall a familiar conversation: “Dude, I love A,” “I know, man. A is pretty great. On a totally unrelated note, B is awesome too.” “Agreed! Now that I think about it, B is as rad as A.” “You’re so right. Oh my gosh, what if someone combined A and B? It’d be, like, A and B together!” “Totally! That would unquestionably be the next great invention! We should totally do it!" And then, of course, you never really do it because it probably wasn’t that great of an idea.

Well, Lesley Sutcliffe isn’t as easily deterred as you and I and actually went ahead with her entrepreneurial venture. Earshots Jewelry combines the cool factor that is prevention of hearing loss with the fashion statement of dangly earrings in order to “protect your hearing in style!” The product is targeted at concert-goers, concert performers, gun enthusiasts, NASCAR fans, bouncers, groupies, metal heads, ravers, and basically anyone else who has ears, uses them, and wants to continue to be able to use them. If you’re curious you can direct yourself to the Earshots Myspace page to read compelling information about the dangers of hearing loss as well as moving testimonial comments, such as that of site user Killer, who said: “Last Night EarShots saved my life.”

I’m convinced.

-Crow Jonah Norlander