Pasties and Feathers and Wigs... Oh My!

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Omigawd! It’s Gay Pride Eve and I haven’t even started my holiday shopping! Lucky for me, just a few blocks down from the office is a little boutique… nay… little Mecca for Denver’s “alternative lifestyles.” Studio Lites Wig Boutique has been a Broadway staple for twenty-five years running and shows no sign of bowing out any time soon. Thank God.

Owner, Rick Smith (who, by the way, has a head of hair found only on the scalps of the most dashing of daytime male soap stars. I’d hate him if he weren’t so damn nice) met me at the door with a smile and an open invitation to peruse his chest of rainbow treasures. His clothing collection caters to everyone from Burlesque/Boy-lesque dancers and Uber-fierce drag queens to club goers and the average costume party attendee.

Their sister boutique in the Vegas just won an award for “Best Clubwear in Las Vegas” from the Las Vegas Weekly. Not too shabby an honor to have bestowed upon you, especially considering Studio Lites of Vegas has only been open a couple years.

Club couture aside, the crowning glory of Studio Lites in both locations is, and always has been, their wig selection. From cute li'l brunette bobs and Godiva blondes, to every colored beehive, afro or glamazon updo you could dare to dream up… if the boyz on Broadway don’t have it, you won’t find it. And with prices ranging from $30.00 to $300.00, truly there is something for everyone.

But their wigs go far beyond your average drag queen’s dream come true. Chris Gradford, the mastermind behind the numerous and lovely locks, provides natural looking and moving pieces to meet medical needs as well. While a chemotherapy patient may lose her hair for a time while undergoing treatment, Gradford’s selection of monofilament top wigs can provide attractive and comfortable options until treatment is completed.

After spending time in the store, it’s no surprise, at all, that medical fashion is a part of the Studio Lites business. Rick and Chris seem to have hearts as big as their footwear collection. These are good people who have assembled a team of friendly and compassionate employees who just want their clients to feel loved. Well, loved and absolutely fabulous, of course.

So, whether you’re prepping for Pride or just in the market for some hot pink, over the knee boots with a mop to match, make Studio Lites your one stop shopping spot for all your alternative fashion needs.

And naturally (I’m sorry. I just can’t resist) -- parking is in the rear.

-- Steven J. Burge

Studio Lites offers head to toe fashion: wigs, lingerie club wear, jewelry, hi-heels, corsets, costumes. Stop in and see Denver’s brilliant boys at 333 North Broadway, Denver, Colorado or call 303-733-7797 to set up an appointment for a complete make-over.