Cool Your Heels

Some sage advice overheard at Moontime:

"These girls wear $500 shoes and $300 bags into a bar and then get mad when some guy spills a beer on them. I tell them, "Then don't wear $800 worth of accessories into a bar.'"

The Cat's Pajamas couldn't agree more. Because if she'd spent $880 on this pair of Givenchy boots she covets, she sure as hell wouldn't wear them into any nightclub in LoDo. Heck, she won't even wear her classic Frye motorcycle boots there. No, those are saved for safe places, like Bar Bar. You know it may be a little sticky, but there is a much lower percentage of drunk assholes wielding beer bottles and overflowing cocktail glasses.

Then again, if Cat somehow lost her mind and spent $880 on a pair of boots — or even the $528 for them at — she probably wouldn't wear them anywhere. She'd build a shrine and keep them encased in a temperature-controlled, hermetically sealed box.