And the Challenge 3 Winner Is...

The slideshow of the Tamarac Square Fashion Project third runway show is now up. Check out all the designs here, then come back and visit Cat to post a comment about who you think should have won. The designer with the most "votes" will score a gift certificate to Sketch in Cherry Creek as well as some other fun prizes.

It was another difficult evening of judging -- so cliche, Cat knows -- but she has been really surprised by the level of talent on display. She's long said that Denver is experiencing a fashion and design renaissance, but that she wished some of the designers would move past just reconstructing thrift-store finds and screen-printing T-shirts. Both of those are great things to have on the scene -- God knows, Cat adores her Colfax T-shirt -- but there needed to be something more.

And now there is.

Stephanie, Gino, Alec, Mona, Deb, Jose, Crystal, Lisa, Nancy, Armando, Kandyce, Tricia: You make me so proud to know you.