Last Night: Riverfront Park Fashion Series

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Last night's installment in the Riverfront Park Fashion Series, featuring clothing from Garbarini, had the base of the Millennium Bridge hopping with complimentary drinks, tasty treats and, of course, plenty of fashionable eye candy.

The crowd milled about while the DJ spun -- and for a brief moment, the scene took a very surreal turn as an electric violinist performed while several girls dressed in very Parisian-looking white corsets with electric blue fishnets did a kind of interpretive dance. It was baffling, but fun. Even my husband, who doesn't know the first thing about fashion, was intrigued, mostly because he said it reminded him of the final scene in Revenge of the Nerds. I'm thinking he might have been the only one in that crowd who would have made that connection, but I'm just guessing…