Temperley's Only Temporary at Target

The eighth Target GO designer, Alice Temperley, has arrived! Grab your nearly maxed out credit cards, throw on your highest stilettos and get your asses to Target. Seriously, GO!

Approximately every six to seven weeks, Target employs the talent of top designers to design affordable and chic clothing for fabulous yet, frugal shoppers. Temperley's top-of-the-line, insanely overpriced clothing first appeared on London runways in 2003, and has made a mark on the hearts, minds pocketbooks of fashionistas ever since. Temperley’s sleek and glamorous fashions can currently be found at Saks Fifth Avenue and her website Her high-end accessories and clothing normally range from $700 to over $2,500, but she has gracefully cheapened up her line to assist her monetarily challenged fashionistas to achieve Anna Wintour style without haute couture prices.

Unfortunately, according to Joe, the “soft lines” manager at the Target in Glendale, “this line is going pretty fast” so, move your asses ladies! My suggestion is to go online and shop there. I ventured into a Target and, although I found a fabulous petal, tank dress ($49.99) in my size, most of the other merchandise was all sold out. Of course, if you are an extra small, you are golden, but I hate you.

It’s also important to remember size with these more affordable designers. I found that while the garments are well made, they run a little small. We don’t want your frugal asses hanging out of Temperley’s perfect crepe mini skirt ($24.99) because you are attempting to squeeze into a small size. Don’t try it. “Sharpie” your actual size to a 0 if it bothers you so much.

One word of warning: Do not throw these in the dryer. Only havoc will ensue. And although the freshly dried, way too short, super slutty, crepe mini will increase your chances of turning some heads, I am not sure how “Vogue” it is to be asked “how much” by a drunk businessman in a bar. -- Stephanie March