Max Fashion Show 2006

Last Saturday it was beyond cold outside, but inside Trax things were heating up for the 22nd Annual MAX Fashion Show. Every year Max Martinez hosts the extravaganza that showcases the spring looks that will be available in his boutiques. This year, Missoni, Chloe, Narciso Rodriguez and Diane Von Furstenberg were all represented in the 100-piece runway show.

Overall, Cat was pleased with what she saw. There wasn't a lot that seemed really "designed" — this was more ready to wear than haute couture — but there were plenty of pieces that a normal woman of Denver would wear on the street. And that's a good thing, because while there's a time for fashion as fantasy, there's also the need to answer the pressing question: What am I going to wear today? And Cat found herself wishing a few things were in her closet. Some things, however, were best left in the fashionable and not-so fashionable closets of the '80s and '90s.

Ami Cusak hosted the festivities — which were a fundraiser for the Brandon Center, a shelter for battered/homeless women and their children — and while she looked great, Cat was still a little afraid of her. You see, Cat went to high school with Ami, and the Survivor survivor once threatened to kick her ass. She was definitely the chick no one messed with. But that was then and this is now, and the important part of the evening was the fashions.

So here's a peek of the first half of the show. Stop back by tomorrow for the rest of the almost 100 images. (Be sure to click on "more" underneath the row of photos to see the rest of today's images.)

Nothing fake about this -- it's real Missoni!
Cat encourages anyone who has the body to rock this two piece.
Things start of well on the runway...

Unless you are younger than seventeen or very long of limb, Cat recommends you do not attempt this style at home.
With swimwear matchy-matchy isn't a bad thing -- especially when it's Missoni.

Talk about a lady in red. Hot damn!
Somehow the model manages to not look like its the 70s and she just took a crewel and macrame class. Good for her.
Lovely dress+lovely girl = saggy boobs. Something's wrong here.
A little matronly, but the top detailing is a nice touch.

Pretty and feminine without being cloying. Good call for any spring evening.
Cat thinks she wore this in kindergarten with a kitten and a ball of yard embroidered on the yoke.
Cat isn't sure what this dress is trying to be, but the sheer force of the color and the model's attitude are winning her over.

Thanks to Britney, lady bits are the hottest accessory of the season, and this little dress aims to please.
And here come the 90s...
How 1991, when minimalist lines could be an excuse for wearing a sack out on the town.
Cat actually likes the puffy sleeves. But Cat will admit to it: She has a closet full of fussy things she loves but never wears.

Here we begin the Diane Von Furstenberg portion of the evening. And while Cat normally loves her wrap dresses -- so comfortable, so classic -- this one looks as if it were made from a nauseous snake. Perfect for Cherry Creek matrons and trophy wives.
They're not daisy dukes, but still: Short shorts are never appropriate office attire.
This is better but Cat is still dubious of the shorts. The jacket, however, is stunning, with the detailing around the collar.
Simple, gorgeous.

The print makes this look less like a jumper than the last version we saw, but it is still a jumper nonetheless. But hey, if you can wear it like this model, by all means go for it.

Yet another sack dress, but this one with some odd form of strapping tape across the chest.
You won't break any fashion ground with this shift, but it's still fresh and mod -- and you can never go wrong with that. White girls beware, though: White based dresses such as this one usually just make you look pasty.
Cat's pretty sure she made this dress when she was in high school. In fact, she probably still has the Vogue pattern stashed away somewhere. There's nothing wrong with a great basic, Cat just doesn't expect to see it coming down a runway.
Giraffe is the new leopard.
Ack! Cat's been blinded by the white -- and the unflattering fit.

Interesting day look -- particularly with the visible nipples.
Didn't Dolly Parton wear this in 9 to 5?