What to Wear Fridays: Special Victim's Unit

Skinnies or boot-cut jeans? Is black really the new black?

Getting stylishly dressed in the morning is hard enough, but what do you wear on election day if you're vying for Colorado's top job? The Cat's Pajamas decided to help Bob Beauprez and Bill Ritter out with that pressing question, and turned to Jung Park for a little advice. As the owner of Metroboom, the men's salon on Platte Street, Park spends his days turning the boys of Denver into the men of Denver -- with hair-styling, fashion advice and personal shoppers.

Grooming Beauprez and Ritter for the Governor's Mansion was no easy task, since Park had to balance a professional, you-can-trust-me look with a sense of style that keeps it real for the youth vote without veering into the ridiculous.

Here's what he came up with for Both Ways Bob: "We recommend an overall appearance that is conservative, but with a hint of contemporary accent. We start with a gray pinstripe suit with a white shirt and a red tie, and then add a twist by introducing a hip and cool baseball cap with camouflage print. The camo supports his patriotic stance on military presence in Iraq, while potentially recruiting a younger audience."

And for Hug an Illegal Bill? "We recommend an overall appearance that combines strength and compassion.

The classic navy pinstripe shirt represents his background as a prosecutor, and the warm pink shirt softens the tough image he has as a prosecutor. The pinstripe shirt is a classic look, but the cut and the style is contemporary and progressive. We feel that the combination of tough and soft may appropriately represent his political views."

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