Look of the Day - John

To pleat or not to pleat: that is the question.

Our uber-hot marketing guru, Megan, (her Look of the Day will be coming soon, boys. And she is well worth the wait. I promise.), has this to say on the subject: “Flat front. Always. Pleats remind me of my dad.” Megan’s brow furrows a bit. Her pretty, brown eyes gloss over for a split second as she further ponders the pleat. “Eww,” she shudders. “Definitely flat front.”

But the thing is, Megan, the answer to this hard hitting question is far more complicated than one might first assume. Turns out, flat fronts aren’t for everyone.

This is John.

John is hot.

But more importantly, at least in regard to this question, John is tall and slender. So, you’re right, Megan. In this case, the answer is not to pleat. Well done.

Flat front pants are made to be worn by those with a lithe build and should almost always be avoided by the svelte man’s huskier brother. This particular breed of trouser is traditionally worn without a cuff and, when tailored properly, provides a sleek and sophisticated look by offering a clean, slim fit.

Because this style of trouser does have a tendency to elongate the legs, it draws attention down to a man’s shoes. Details magazine recommends a pair of square toed shoes, like the ones our tall drink of water is sporting here, be worn with flat fronts.

Ogle while you can, ladies. Sadly, John has announced that this is his last day as Westword’s resident guy-candy. He is moving on to bigger and better things, so it is with a heavy heart that we wish John a bon voyage! This Dreamboat has sailed. And cliché though this may be to say, while we hate to see John go, we do love to watch him walk away.

Shirt by Nautica Slacks by Kenneth Cole Belt by Nautica Shoes by Kenneth Cole Watch by Fossil

- Steven J. Burge