Project Runway Menswear Challenge

Last Wednesday’s episode of Project Runway forced the designers to take on what might be the biggest single challenge on the show to date — menswear. When the 13 remaining designers had to swap their lithe, pretty female models who are always ready to wear every flowing, gauzy gown and Pocahontas-inspired shawl they could throw at them for male models that all needed exact tailoring to look good on the runway, you knew it was going to be an unforgiving challenge full of designer angst.

The surprise challenge was presented by former NFL player and sports broadcaster Tiki Barber, and his debut was the first time that I have witnessed my husband actually perk up and take interest in the show. His final verdict was that it was “ridiculous” to see him on the show, but the stunt did manage to rope in a few more male viewers — at least temporarily. Unlike my husband, most of the designers seemed unfamiliar with Tiki — their reactions were in stark contrast to the previous week’s ecstatic revelation of guest judge Sarah Jessica Parker — with the designer’s sentiments most aptly summarized by Steven, who said, “I know nothing about football except it’s probably the only time on television where spandex is acceptable.”