Photo: Colorado River crop design activists want Barack Obama to see

After speaking in Denver today, President Barack Obama will fly to the Western Slope for a campaign event at Grand Junction High School -- my alma mater! And if he looks out his window en route, he just might see the crop design pictured above. Who's responsible for this bit of political horticulture? And what's the message mean?

The organization in question is Protect the Flows, which describes itself on its website as "a coalition of nearly 500 businesses -- rafting outfitters, bed and breakfasts, fishing guides, outdoor retailers, wineries, birding guides, restaurants and chambers of commerce -- just to name a few." The group is devoted to "protecting the flows in the Colorado River," which has been depleted due to excessive demand, argues a press release that accompanies the image above.

To counter this situation, Protect the Flows supports the Regional Conservation Partnerships Program that's part of the comprehensive farm bill currently stalled in the House of Representatives. PTF wants Obama to work with Congress to start it moving toward his desk.

Get more information in the following letter to Obama from Protect the Flows president Molly Mugglestone:

Protect the Flows Letter to President Obama

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