Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Tom Tancredo takes aim at a run for governor

Scott McInnis may be "in it to win it," but Tom Tancredo is in it to spin it. If the former congressman can figure out a way to get into the gubernatorial race alongside "Musings on Water" McInnis and Dan Maes, the dark-horse candidate who was at his most popular when he was completely unknown, he will.

"I can't leave it at this," Tancredo said of that line-up during Saturday's annual ATF event sponsored by the Independence Institute, which he once headed. "I won't."

Maes stopped by the shoot-em-up party, too, and although no one took aim at him (not with a shotgun, anyway), Tancredo's investigating ways he could get into the race he'd contemplated joining a year ago, back when Josh Penry was convinced to drop out for the good of the Colorado Republican Party... and McInnis.

Now it's too late to enter the primary as a write-in candidate (there's a sixty-day deadline to register for that). And even if the winner of the August 10 vote was persuaded to drop out after that vote, the Republican committee that would get to pick a replacement candidate is unlikely to tap Tancredo, no matter how well he's polling.

And so he's looking at other options. Although Tancredo wouldn't elaborate, he said he thinks that after consulting an election attorney, he may have some kind of announcement in a week or so.

And you can count on it being entirely his own. Unlike "Musings" McInnis, Tancredo is a true original.