Denver Daisy, Redux

The garden glove has been thrown.

"Sounds like your thumb is anything but green, Patty," Cloudclimber posted in a comment responding to my Denver Daisy, Day Fifteen entry. "I got 14 plants out of that little seed packet and am going to set them out tomorrow." In that report, I noted that a single seedling had emerged from the contents of my Rudbeckia Denver Daisy packet, given out free to mark Denver's 150th anniversary this year -- but at least that seedling had popped up ahead of the standard twenty-day germination schedule.

The news only gets worse from there. Apparently Cloudclimber missed the sad follow-up report that my Denver daisy had disappeared altogether while I was out of town last weekend -- either the victim of a foul kidnapping plot, or simply a lack of water that had it drying up into dust.

In any case, Cloudclimber's mockery inspired me to try again. I've just returned from my back-forty (and by that, I mean forty square feet directly over I-25), where I watered the tomato plants that I thought would be my future fortune -- until Colorado was cleared from the salmonella scare on Thursday -- and stole some soil for Denver Daisy, round two.

My second packet contained a paltry five seeds, but they all seem determined to give it their all, and are now comfortably ensconced in a pot on the back deck.

Hope, like the Denver daisy, springs eternal. -- Patricia Calhoun