Schmuck of the Week

Imeme Nouis & Angela Martin: Leaving kids in hot cars or handcuffing them = Shmuck

It seems like bad dads have a way of ending up as shmucks on a regular basis. But moms have their fair share of problems, too. Just ask the two who were cited this week for making the rest of the moms out there look like saints.

In Parker, Imene Nouis was accused of leaving her one-year-old baby in a hot car while she went into the At the Beach tanning salon. She was in a room that didn't have a view of the car, according to news reports, and was cited for child abuse.

Sounds like spray-on would be a better option.

And in Arvada, police arrested Angela Martin after she allegedly got into a fight with her daughter over a Facebook post and then handcuffed the fourteen-year-old.

The 2 a.m. battle began after the teen's parents got home and saw the word "vagina" on her Facebook page, according to 9News, which interviewed Martin.

"I tried to take her computer, we got in a scuffle. I realized that there was no way that I was going to be able to control her. I handcuffed her and I came back upstairs to call the police. And when I went downstairs she was gone, she had ran to a neighbors in her handcuffs. But no, I don't beat my children, so hopefully that doesn't come out that way," Martin told the station.

The girl ended up being released from the handcuffs. Mom ended up wearing them.

Sounds like a chat about the birds and the bees would be a better option.

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