Real World: Toledo

Davis and a friend get tongue and cheek.
Engineering a second act is looking much more difficult for cast members of Real World: Denver, who have already started slumming for gigs like professional Hollywood burnouts.

The show, which completed filming last fall, is still airing with episodes that are somehow becoming more inane and boring with each consecutive meltdown. Perhaps the most entertaining thing about the whole affair (aside from Westword's Fake Real World prank, which can be accessed here and here) is observing John Wenzel of the Denver Post opine on the Get Real Denver blog. While most of us media observers are in it for the kitsch, Wenzel has cultivated a pure, unironic hatred of the show ever since he was labeled a "stalker" by the MTV crew for snapping photos of the cast while they were out boozing in LoDo. This inspired Wenzel to script a comic strip that seemed less playful and more venomous than perhaps his editors intended, leaving many observers, uh, kinda confused.

But not us. You show 'em Wenzel. Show those Viacom fucks what's up!

Oh, but that was in November. By episode 16, our anger has waned. Whatever pinprick of spite we had for the show has been replaced by our collective outrage over the Anna Nichole Smith frenzy or whatever other vapid pseudo-celebrity bimbot obsession we can cluck our tongues toward.

But at least we can take comfort in the fact that the post-Real World fame of the cast has about as much longevity as a text message. Just check out this video of Colie and Brooke out on the town in Ohio, where promoters flew them in for an autograph session at a Toledo shopping mall and a dance club called Coyote Joes that even makes cheesy LoDo bars look like culture central. Did you know Brooke likes lasagna? See, you hate her less already! — Jared Jacang Maher.