Ice Cream and Prison?

There’s no ice cream in prison.

But Ice Cream and Activism seeks to combine the two tonight at the cafeteria at Regis University, where a panel discussion will begin at 8 p.m. concerning the issue of juveniles serving adult sentences in prison. (Read a whole slew of stories about the subject here, here and here.)

“There will be spirited discussion about the issue and enlightenment about kids serving life,” said Maryellen Johnson of the Pendulum Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for kids serving life in adult prisons. “It’s to support the Regis students who are doing this as part of their criminal justice class and this is part of the university’s social awareness.”

There will be ice cream and coffee, as well as artwork made by prisoners for sale. A donation of $5 donation is suggested, the cafeteria is located on the Regis campus, 333 Regis Boulevard. -- Luke Turf