Tim Tebow admits to kicking puppies on ESPN? Sort of!

Sometimes it seems that every day is Tim Tebow day on ESPN -- but it really was yesterday, with the debut of the documentary Everything In Between and a slew of appearances on the radio and TV sides of the operation.

Arguably the most amusing of them was a behind-the-scenes video from SportsNation that didn't make the airwaves. See it and other clips below.

The SportNation footage reveals preparation for an interview in which co-host Michelle Beadle riffs with Tebow about the inappropriate questions she was told she couldn't ask and the anti-Tebow bias of her sidekick, Colin Cowherd. Recall that Cowherd scoffed when almost half of America called for Tebow to start at QB in late October -- but the host was charmed by Big Tim during a visit to his radio show earlier in the day.

The kicker? Beadle asks if Tebow would object to ESPN Facebooking the part of their banter in which he admitted to liking to kick puppies and hoping no one found out. "That's right, I do remember saying that," Tebow responded with a laugh.

The heat's off, Michael Vick!

Following this clip, see a straight interview with Tebow in which the young Gator shows he's already mastered the art of saying almost nothing in response to questions, as well as a video about muscle-memory training intended to shorten his throwing motion -- a task that's still got a ways to go:

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