50 Cent Raps With Adam Schrager on 9News' Your Show

Of all the people 50 Cent has rapped with over the years, Adam Schrager has got to be the most unlikely. Schrager, after all, is a Channel 9 reporter who specializes in political matters, not a cultural correspondent with a well-known reputation as a hip-hop head. Yet the two of them will be chatting on October 29 for a segment on Your Show, a Schrager-hosted Sunday morning public-affairs offering that was the subject of a Message column a few months back. Moreover, the man born Curtis Jackson will be answering questions submitted by Channel 9 viewers -- a key component of the program.

In an e-mail, Schrager explains that 50 Cent will appear via satellite. "They pitched me," he reveals, "saying he wanted to talk about this and that. I said I'd love to have him, but I had no desire to ask about this and that unless our viewers wrote in questions about those things. They agreed."

According to Schrager, "We've received a pretty significant number of questions, and maybe the coolest thing is, none have come from people who have e-mailed in before from what I can tell." He adds that "there has been a particularly stunned look from many colleagues when they hear we booked him (maybe they think I'm too dorky, I don't know). But it goes to the overall point of the show. We're giving viewers access to people that they've never had before. I love that."

So, is Schrager that guy in the office who loudly chants "No Cadillac, no perms, you can't see/That I'm a motherfuckin' P.I.M.P." in his cubicle while cranking his iPod? Not exactly. "I like hip-hop," he asserts, "but I'm more old school, having gone to school in the early '80s. But what 50's done as a businessman, actor and musician is impressive for sure."

Check out this odd couple at 10:30 a.m. on Channel 20, 9News' sister station. Betcha it's gonna be hardcore. -- Michael Roberts