They're back: Three shmucky characters return to the headlines

Yesterday was a big day for some of Colorado's most embarrassing characters.

Two of Westword's former Shmuck of the Week award winners, Carrie McCandless and Brett Reese, were back in the news, along with Ann Crall, a member of our 2010 Hall of Shame.

Stay tuned to the Latest Word today to learn our latest Shmuck of the Week. In the meantime, here's a recap of what went down.

Carrie McCandless, a former teacher at a Brighton charter school who bedded an underage student on a field trip in 2006, had her probation revoked after testing positive for morphine; it was her second probation violation. The 35-year-old will spend sixty days in jail. McCandless, who was married to the school principal, got busy with a seventeen-year-old boy during an overnight outing to Estes Park. Her story made national news and landed her on several teacher-sex-scandal web sites.

Ann Crall, who faked having cancer in order to solicit donations from well-meaning friends and colleagues, was sentenced to ninety days in jail, a much lighter sentence than many of her victims had hoped for. Crall, who was married to a Lakewood police officer and used the money to feed a drug habit, will spend ten years on supervised probation and undergo drug treatment. Before people began to suspect she was lying, Crall had bilked them of about $60,000.

And yesterday, the board of the Greeley-Evans School District publicly censured board member Brett Reese after he was accused of sexually harassing a teacher and showing up to board meetings drunk. Earlier in the year, Reese, who is now a leading candidate for the 2011 Hall of Shame, was criticized for repeatedly reading an Internet missive on his radio station, KELS 104.7, calling Martin Luther King Jr. a sexual degenerate, a Communist and other names. His antics got so much attention that he informed the school board he planned to start carrying a concealed weapon to meetings. His permit was later suspended.

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