We just cruised Colorado Boulevard end to end -- but it wasn't our first road-eo

My fiancee just moved to Denver, and she's doing a lot of that thing people do after they move here: "Wait, is this the same Colfax as the Colfax where we saw that bum riding a unicycle?" "Colorado? I thought Colorado was the street with that strip club you like so much?" "Alameda? Again? Why are these streets so damn long?"

Yes, honey, the roads here are never-ending, and because of that, they each tell a story. Which is why, every once in a while, Westword goes for a ride down one of these monster thoroughfares to catch a glimpse of what life is like at stops along the way. Our most recent fascination, and the subject of this week's cover story, is Colorado Boulevard -- which, according to our research, is more than just Shotgun's, Swing Thai and SuperTarget. Who knew?

So that's the latest installment. But you can also access previous street love letters. So far we've:

- Cruised the length of Alameda, with stops at an Orthodox church, an animal hospital, a military base and more.

- Spent a day Sheridan on that ended at 4 a.m. in an all-night Walmart. So that's always good.

- Watched the Springer Show at a nail place on Federal.

- Gave many, many regards to Broadway.

- And spent 24 hours on Colfax. Which we do every Tuesday, actually. It builds character.

The question is: What street should we do next?