Reuben Bakker, Boulder plane crash survivors on the Today Show: Tough luck, Westboro Baptist Church

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Survivors of terrible accidents are often sought-after guests for network news shows -- especially when there's footage of the catastrophe they narrowly avoided. It's no surprise, then, that Reuben Bakker, the pilot of a glider that managed to fly through the wreckage of two planes destroyed during a mid-air collision in Boulder over the weekend, as well as Brandi Hepburn and her son, Bakker's passengers, were guests of honor on this morning's episode of the Today Show.

As you can see in the clip above, Bakker, wearing a boldly colored shirt that looked oddly like a different kind of explosion, calmly explained his heroic actions as video of the crash that took three lives looped in the background. The three are lucky to be alive -- and fortunate not to have their funerals targeted by Kansas's Westboro Baptist Church simply for having perished near the godless town of Boulder.