Wash Park condo corn cobs tower over south Denver: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Corn is America's most widely grown crop and is the main grain used to fuel the cars, pets and people that are in continuous motion around Smith Lake in Washington Park. Urban farmers who want to grow the biggest, sweetest ears of the nation's favorite food need only look up at the Wash Park condo corn cobs that tower over south Denver... As shown on the Denver Neighborhood Seed Co. package above, Wash Park condo corn is famous for the extraordinary size and unusually strong color contrast of its ears. This hybrid was developed by Park Lane condo residents who did not want to miss out on growing (and eating!) the garden-fresh sweet corn that is summer's greatest pleasure.

Plant condo corn in balcony blocks at least four-rows wide for cross pollination and well filled ears. This toothsome bi-color thrives at the cooler temps and high altitudes of high-rise farming. Wash Park condo corn is perfect for penthouse farms and produces Denver County Fair prize-worthy ears that are stalks and tassels above other neighborhood varieties.

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