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Today's featured event: Get a load of those great big, beautiful dolls at Tamarac Square

At first look, you'd think that the stylish Tamarac Square mall was practically a ghost town: One by one, the unique retailers who've kept the place afloat for years are abandoning ship - in some cases, for newer shores; in others, not. The latest to take wing is the saucy boutique Rosey's Apparel, where the closing sale is on in preparation for a move to the Vistas at Park Meadows. But Tamarac could eventually rise from the ashes with a new, artsy nonprofit face, by offering space to organizations like current tenant, the TACtile Textile Arts Center, where things are just breezing along in spite of the retail exodus.

Being the newfangled honcho of the mall gives TACtile director Dianne Denholm huge shoes to fill, but she luckily has a bevy of wonderful fiber artists and artist guilds to help her, including the Denver Doll Artisans. TACtile's latest show and sale, Doll Daze: A Doll Show of Imaginary Figures, is a point in fact: The DDA's imaginative exhibit features dolls from both local and national artists and challenge one's idea of what a doll should be, by mixing materials both traditional and unexpected with a sense of sophisticated whimsy. Some seem iconic, others sweet, but it's a good bet that none of them have a pull string in back that will make them burp. "It's all about telling stories," curator Linda Benson says. "Personal stories expressed through figures of fiber and texture."

Doll Daze continues at the center through August 29, but tonight TACtile will host an open house with many of the artists from 5 to 8 p.m. As an added bonus, there'll also be a button trunk show, in conjunction with the upcoming National Button Society convention in August. Admission is free; TACtile is located in Suite 114 at Tamarac Square, 7777 E. Hampden Avenue. Go to or call 720-524-8886.

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