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Carmelo Anthony's people of Utah? What... the... hell?

The latest TV commercial featuring Carmelo Anthony is flat-out bizarre, and not only because it represents his head as a sun rising above the horizon -- iconography that blends Teletubbies with the Unification Church. As you'll see in the clip above, the tribute to His Basketball Eminence is delivered by "Melo's people of Utah."

This is all part of an elaborate (and loopy) campaign to hype Anthony's Jordan Brand shoes, as confirmed to the Denver Post. By airing the spot during the Nuggets' playoff series against, yep, Utah, the company is sure to garner extra attention for Melo's kicks -- and it's a lot more fun to watch than, say, a commercial featuring him staring at the camera while being lectured by his dead father. Unless you're from Utah, that is.