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Jared Polis is an American idol -- for Thornton's Mike Manning on The Real World

Representative Jared Polis knows a little something about reality TV, having co-starred in the cable series Freshman Year -- a gig we wrote about last March in a blog headlined "The Real World of Jared Polis, Courtesy of CNN."

Little did we know that Polis would wind up on the real Real World. But there he is in the latest episode from the venerable MTV program, whose current season is set in Washington, D.C. Cast member Mike Manning, a bisexual from Thornton, meets with Polis in his office. And after a few minutes of chatting, during which the openly gay Polis says that even congressional colleagues who act like same-sex marriage would cause the end of Western Civilization are polite to him in person, Manning declares JP to be his "idol."

Imagine how much he'd like Polis if he saw him in another TV appearance, beer-bonging with Stephen Colbert. Check out the full Real World episode below; the Polis cameo pops up just over ninety seconds in, following the opening credits (and some commercials).