Richard Charles MacNeill, alleged Band-Aid Bandit, peeled off to jail

Yet another memorably monikered scofflaw is allegedly off the streets.

First it was Timothy McGlothin, thought to be one of the Hoppin Hooded Bandits, whose arrest was announced yesterday. And now it's Richard Charles MacNeill, who Aurora Police think is the so-called Band-Aid Bandit, who's allegedly been sticking it to an array of Aurora businesses for weeks.

Felony charges are expected. How many? Take a guess based on the information below:

Aurora Police Capture the "Band Aid Bandit"

Aurora Police have arrested 46-year-old Richard Charles MacNeill of Aurora who Police believe is the "Band Aid Bandit."

The arrest took place late in the day on Thursday, February 11, 2010. MacNeill, who is currently on parole in Colorado, is being held without bond for a parole violation. Robbery Detectives are expected to file felony charges against MacNiell in connection with a series of robberies that occurred in Aurora starting in October of last year through February 5th of this year.

MacNeill's arrest was the product of a multi-agency investigation that included the Aurora Police Department, the Colorado Department of Corrections Parole Division, and the Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force.

The break robbery detectives were waiting for came on Wednesday evening when an Aurora Police Sergeant spotted a vehicle that matched the basic description of a getaway vehicle Police believed was used by the "Band Aid Bandit" during a recent robbery.

Additional investigation by Officers and Detectives led to the name of a parole client. Armed with this new information, Police contacted a Colorado Department of Corrections Community Parole Officer and her supervisor who together provided invaluable support to the investigation, which culminated in MacNeill's arrest.

Robbery Detectives are not releasing MacNiell's arrest photo in order to conduct additional investigative photo lineups with witnesses. This request by the Police Department does not include the use of the surveillance image that was previously released by the Police Department on January 20, 2010.

Robbery Locations

1. Shoe store - 14100 block Cedar Ave, Aurora

2. Pizza restaurant - 12100 block E Mississippi Ave, Aurora

3. Bookstore - 100 block S Abilene St, Aurora

4. Bank - 700 block S Abilene St, Aurora

5. Beauty supply store - 15000 block E Mississippi Ave, Aurora

6. Medical clothing store - 1100 block S Abilene St, Aurora

7. Women's clothing store - 400 block N Sable Blvd, Aurora

8. Toy store -- 13700 block E Mississippi Ave, Aurora

9. Bank -- 16900 block E Quincy Ave, Aurora

Information Previously Released on January 20, 2010, at 3:00 pm

Robbery Detectives Seek Help Identifying "Band Aid Bandit"

Aurora, Colo. -- Aurora Police robbery detectives are requesting the public's help with identifying and locating a robbery suspect believed to be responsible for 6 armed robberies in the city of Aurora.

Police have dubbed this suspect the "Band Aid Bandit" because in one robbery he was caught by surveillance cameras wearing what appears to be a band aid on his nose (see surveillance photo).

The robberies have taken place during the past 4 months starting in October of last year. Three of the six robberies occurred in January of this year with the most recent taking place this week on Tuesday, January 19th.

The suspect, who has displayed a handgun, has struck at a variety of businesses including a bookstore and a bank. A map of the robbery locations and a surveillance photo of the suspect have been sent with this news release.

Anyone who knows this man, or his whereabouts, is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867). You can remain anonymous and can be eligible for a cash reward. You may also contact Aurora Police Robbery Detective Nathan Meier at (303) 739 - 6147.

Robbery Locations

1. Shoe store -- 14151 Cedar Ave, Aurora

2. Pizza restaurant -- 12158 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora

3. Bookstore -- 170 S Abilene St, Aurora

4. Bank -- 700 S Abilene St, Aurora

5. Beauty supply store -- 15091 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora

6. Medical clothing store -- 1160 S. Abilene St, Aurora