Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

Stanley McChrystal does not take the wimpy way out

The new issue of Rolling Stone has yet to hit the stands, but already the focus of Michael Hastings's story, General Stanley McChrystal, has resigned after yesterday's meeting with the head wimp among the "wimps in the White House" who were the general's real enemy.

As this saga unfolds, three things stand out:

1) That McChrystal was so forthcoming with the reporter -- he truly must have believed he was bulletproof.

2) That people are again paying attention to Rolling Stone (which posted the story here) early.

3) And that no one is claiming McChrystal was misquoted or quoted out of context -- the usual CYA apprach (think Steve King's comments on Barack Obama). On MSNBC Tuesday morning, Rolling Stone Executive Editor Eric Bates noted that McChrystal has not said he was misquoted: "Didn't hear that during the course of the story. I didn't hear that in his apology."

Because that would be the wimpy way out.