Calhoun: Wake-Up Call

The Lite Stuff

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez seems to have picked his running mate as he would a tie — an accessory that's complementary, and not too loud. Something he can embrace in an unctuously innocuous manner, as he did yesterday when announcing that Janet Rowland is his choice for lieutenant governor.

After Bill Ritter tapped Barbara O'Brien, a woman who's racked up considerable experience with local and state governments during her fifteen years as head of the Colorado Children's Campaign, it was no surprise that Beauprez would choose a woman. But it was surprising that he managed to find one with less political experience than your average PTO chair, since Rowland (pictured) has yet to complete her first term as a Mesa County commissioner. As for the rest of her background, it's O'Brien light -- very light.

The lite guv slot has never been particularly demanding, of course. But with all the savvy women around the state, it's too bad the Beauprez campaign didn't make a token effort at coming up with a better token. -- Patricia Calhoun