Best of Denver

Best of Westword Winners From 1987

In 1987, Westword published its fourth Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from the Best Place to Park Downtown (with the office-building vacancy rate at 30 percent, one lot had slashed its prices to ten cents a day!) to the Best Place to People-Watch (the Paramount Cafe, which offered a good view of the few folks who frequented the five-year-old 16th Street Mall) to the Best After-Hours Club (the just-opened Paris on the Platte). Other winners, such as the Rattlesnake Club, are long gone, like most memories of those very depressed days.

But other 1987 winners are better than ever. That year, Benny Armas, a veteran of numerous kitchens around town, finally opened the first place he could call his own: Benny’s Cantina. In the twenty years since that first spot opened, Benny has expanded Benny’s numerous times, finally moving to the location at 301 East Seventh Avenue where Benny’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar still packs them in today. Although the menu and bar selections have expanded, Benny’s still specializes in a sense-singeing green chile that has defined this uniquely Colorado creation for two generations of Denverites.

Here are the other winners from 1987:

Best of '87


Best News for Women (or Worst News for Anti-Terrorist Squads) – Colorado Springs Denver Aurora area has 1-1 female male ratio

Second-Best News for Women – More women than ever before are serving on the Colorado legislature

Best Place to Get a Marriage License – Motor Vehicle Division

Best Place to Get Restraining Orders – YWCA of Metropolitan Denver

Best Place to Park Downtown – System parking lot

Best Graffiti – The 1900 block of E. 7th Ave.

Best Social Commentary – Graffiti on Boulder mall: "We want everything — now"

Best Political Commentary – "Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone" (graffiti on 20th and Grant)

Best Religious Commentary – Garage doors across from St. John's Cathedral "F---- Thee!"

Best Place to Find a Cop When You D don’t Need One – Denny's, 900 W Alameda; Village Inn, 222 Columbine; Village Inn, 4850 Federal

Best Place to Find a Cop When You D don’t Need One, or Best Speed Trap – 23rd street off I-25

Best DUI Lawyer – Al Zinn

Best Bail Bondsmen – Marvin Ward, A&A Bail Bonds

Best County Court Judge For the Prosecution – Theodore Soja

Best County Court Judge for the Defense – Patricia Madsen

Best Jail – Greenwood Village

Best Reason to Go to Church – St. Thomas More Parish's installation of a bar right next to the altar

Best Suit Against the Airlines – Macon Cowles' claim that both Continental and United airlines abuse their passengers.

Second-Best Suit Against the Airlines – Chicago family sued United Airlines, claiming that the body of their 93 year old grandmother was removed from the flight and left in Denver as "excess baggage"

Best Performance by a Bookstore – Tattered Cover, Mountain and Plains Booksellers Association, and Book place joined to bring a suit against the state's year old obscenity statute

Best Performance by a school system – Adams County District 12's refusal to back away from controversial teaching materials and techniques

Best Good Neighbor Policy – Anonymous resident, who lives at W. 32nd and Tejon, hangs bus scheduled out the window

Best Good Samaritan service – Thornton's "Anti-Bureaucratic Squad"

Best Good Samaritan with Ulterior Motives – Vern Mierkey stuffs quarters into expired meters and then leaves cards on the window asking for donations

Best Proof That Two Individuals Can Make a Difference – Cheryl Wassam and Alvin Finderson of Boulder developed the discount pass for the unemployed on RTD

Best Overdue Honor – Daddy Bruce has a portion of 34th Ave. named after him

Best New Senior Citizens Complex – Housing on 23rd and Washington that was intended as Olympic housing

Best Public Housing – Upper Lawrence Cooperative

Best Place to See Your Life Flash Before Your Eyes – Embassy Suites

Best New Building – Jefferson County Sheriff's Department

Second-Best Candidate for Renovation – Tiny Town

Best Renovation – Washington Park Boating Pavilion

Best Topiary – 1655 Utica St.

Best Place to People Watch – Pearl Street Mall

Best Suburb – Parker

Best Neighborhood – (tie) Jefferson Park/ Highlands/Sunnyside

Best Mall – Brook hill Shopping center

Best city Councilperson – Cathy Renyolds

Best City Bureaucrat – Fred Timmerman

Best PR Person – David Grimm

Best Statehouse Legislator – Martha Ezzard

Best presidential Candidate from Colorado – Pat Schroeder

Second-Best Presidential candidate from Colorado – Stoney Jackson

Best Appointment to Romer's Cabinet – Peter Decker

Best State Bureaucrat – Office of Consumer Affairs

Best Proof that PSC Still Has a Sense of Humor – Employee's production of 1000 t-shirts with "Gone Fission" on them

Best Colorado Legislator in Congress – Ben Nighthorse-Campbell

Best Surprise Choice by Voters – Electing Doug Anderson

Second-Best Surprise Choice by Voters – Dumping Bob Krischt

Best Defender of Western Culture Against the Yellow Peril – Bob Crider

Best Politician to Take Along on a Shopping Trip – Frieda Poundstone

Best Challenge by a Politician to a Reporter – Gary Hart

Best Investigative Photojournalism – The Rocky Mountain News

Best Correction in a Newspaper – The Rocky Mountain News

Second-Best Correction – The Denver Post

Best Daily Newspaper Reporter – Joan Lowy, The Rocky Mountain News

Best Television Reporter – Ward Lucas, KUSA, Channel 9

Best Daily Columnist – Lynde McCormick, Rocky Mountain News

Best Colorado Periodical – The High Country News

Best Local TV Commercial – McDonald's

Best New Trick learned by an Old Politician – How to be a couch potato

Best Political Campaign Sign – No

Second Best Political Sign – Oh No

Best Radio Talk Show Host – John Rayburn, KNUS

Best Comment by a Visiting Celebrity – Oprah Winfrey

Best Twinkie – John Linsay

Best TV Anchor – Ed Sardella, Channel 9

Best 10 p.m. TV News – KUSA, Channel 9

Best Weatherman – Bill Kuster, KUSA, Channnel 9

Best Live Traffic Reports – KOA, 84.5 AM

Best Radio News – KBCO, 97 FM

Best Historic Celebrity – Travis

Best Current Local Celebrities – Gary and Marcee Levine


Best Annual Sports Event – The Kinetics

Best Day Trip from Denver – Mt. Evans

Best Tropical Getaway – Denver Botanic Gardens

Best Place to Hop a Freight – Globeville

Best Male Bonding Experience – The River Gods Must Be Crazy, Arkansas River Tours

Best Macho Recreation – Z-War Zone

Best Place to See Urban Wildlife (not two legged) – The Platte River Greenway

Best Bird watching Classes – Denver Audubon Society

Best Friend Urban Wildlife Ever Had – Sherrie Tippie

Best Place for Teens Without Cars to Make-out – Cherry Creek Bike Path, between Iliff and Monaco

Best Way to Kill a Friday Night in Aurora – Slayer Chase

Best Campground Within Three Hours of Denver – Eleven Mile Canyon

Best Help For the Handicapped – Wilderness on Wheels

Best Guide to Urban Recreation – Metro Denver Parks and Trails

Best Urban Fishing Hole – Rocky Mountain Arsenal

Best Fishing Store – Flyfisher LTD.

Best Beach – Water world

Best Sun tanning – Mile High Stadium, sections 121-123

Best Public Swimming Pool – La Alma

Best Private Swimming Pool- for crashing – Marriott Hotel

Best Hot Springs – Indian Springs, Idaho Springs

Best Gift for a Serious Equestrian – Horse and Hound

Best Rodeo – Earl Anderson Memorial Rodeo, Grover

Best Place to Learn Rock Climbing Indoors – Colorado outdoor sports

Best Place to Rent Camping Equipment – REI

Best Four Wheel Drive Information – "Pass Patrol"

Best Place to Learn How to Drive on Ice – Ford Ice Driving School

Best Ski Run – Prima Pronto

Best Ski Lift – Little Nell

Best Ski Area – Mary Jane Winter Park

Best Cross Country Trail – Boreas Pass

Best Sporting Goods Sales – Ski club Vail Ski Swap

Best Jogging Path – Sand Creek Park & Bird Sanctuary

Best Running Race – Castle Pines

Best Cure for a Running Injury – Dr. Terry Haney, Lower Back Pain Clinic

Best Bike Path – Waterton Canyon

Best Recreation Center – Washington Park

Best Workout - physical – The Mat Class, International Athletic Club

Best Workout - social – The Sporting Club

Best Personal Trainer – Chris Ludvig

Best Public Tennis Courts – Berkeley Park

Best Pick-up Basketball Game – 20th street gym

Best Place to Pretend You're Harmon Killebrew – Batter Up

Best Softball Field – Fast Pitch, John F. Kennedy Park, Kenton at Dartmouth

Best Softball Field – Slow Pitch, Ruby Hill

Best Softball Umpire – John Vest

Best Miniature Golf Course – John F. Kennedy Driving Range and Miniature Golf Course

Best Golf course – Riverdale Dune

Best Driving Range – Englewood municipal golf course

Best Place to Buy Used Golf Clubs – A to Z Sporting Goods

Best Moonlight Bowling – Sport Bowl Lanes and Billiard

Best Bowling Lanes – 8800 Grant

Best Pool Hall – Colfax Billiards

Best Shooting Range – The Firing Line

Best Slot Car Races – Model Car World & Raceways

Best Video Games – Eastside Amusement Center

Best Place to Play Croquet – Washington Park

Best Vendor – Dave Flaming

Best Sports Talk-show Host – Sandy Clough KOA

Best TV Sportscaster – Ron Zappolo, KCNC, Channel 4

Best Play by Play Announcer – Bob Martin KOA

Best Sports Columnist – Bill Logan, Rocky Mountain News

Best Place to Play Hookey from the Real World – Zephyr's Businesspersons Special

Best Zephyr – Tanner Joey Meyer

Best Average in the European League by an Ex-nugget – Howard Carter

Best Debut by a Nugget – Alex English, "Amazing Grace and Chuck"

Best Nugget – Lafayette Fat Lever

Best Skybox – Daniels and Associates

Best Under-rated Denver Bronco – Keith Bishop

Best Bronco – John Elway

Best Sports Team – Felix & Daly

Best Amateur Athlete – Caryl Smith

Best Local Athlete - professional – Lafayette Lever, Denver Nuggets


Best Colorado Song – "Colorado Yahoo (If I Had A Wagon)"

Best New Song by Coloradoans – "The Garbage Barge"

Best Change in the Arts Scene – A crowded Galleria

Best Award to Colorado Artists – Pirate, A Contemporary Art Oasis

Best Art Bureaucrat – Greg Geissler

Best Government Support for the Arts – Denver Department of Theatres and Arenas

Best Entertainment Lawyer – Edward P. Pierson

Best Free Entertainment – Festival of Mountain and Plain, A Taste of Colorado

Best Entertainment Under a Dollar – Sweet Movie Cafe

Best Place to Spend Money and Have Nothing to Show for it – Celebrity Sports Center

Best Cultural Bargain- Denver Symphony Orchestra Rush tickets

Best Suburban Arts Center – Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities

Best Place to Take the Kids – Friday Night Live at The Children's Museum,

Best Place to Take the Kids – Funplex

Best Amusement Park Ride – Miniature train ride, Lakeside

Best Zoo Attraction – Baby mac

Best Big-city, Small Town Festival – Edgewater Days

Best Annual Festival Dedicated to an Insect – Heeney Tick Festival

Best Festival Dedicated to an Animal – Celebration of the pig

Best Annual Festival – The Denver International Film Festival

Best Place to be Harassed by Mimes – Renaissance Festival

Best Place to Have a Party – The Children's Museum

Best Movie Theatre - First run – Tivoli 12 Theatres

Best Movie Theatre - Art & Revival – Mayan Theatre

Best Movie Programming – International Film Series University of Colorado

Best Drive-in – Nor-West

Best Snack Bar – Mayan Theatre

Best Movie Popcorn – Tivoli 12 Theatres

Best Film Series for People Who Can't Wait to See the End – International Film Series, University Of Colorado

Best Comment Overheard at the Movies – "Man that dude's wearing cashmere. I tell you, that dude's got some fine looking cashmere threads. That's cashmere, all right." (at "The Untouchables")

Best Movie Deal – Boulder public library film series

Best Museum – Colorado Railroad Museum

Best Historic Museum – Four mile Historic Park

Best Testament to the American Entrepreneurial Spirit – Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, Lookout Mountain

Best Optimistic Look at Adams County – Adams County Historical Museum

Best Exhibit in the Face of Adversity – Censorship Expo, Denver Public Library

Best Art Openings – Kegger class - Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis

Best Food at Art Openings – News Gallery

Best Photography Gallery – Ginny Williams Photographs

Best Photography Exhibit – Francesca Woodman Sibell-Wolle Gallery

Best Performance Art - Touring – "The Knee Plays"

Best performance Art- Local- "More Adventures in the Human Zoo" by Montage, with Legacy of Sorrow

Best Installation Art – "Drawing Room", by George Peters; "I'll never live this way again"

Best Art Save for a Museum – Vance Kirkland's Murals

Best Local Artist Made Good – Bill Gian

Best Artistic Money-back Guarantee – Museum of Western Art

Best Theatre Advocate – Joe Abramo, The Rocky Mountain Theatre Guild

Best Theatre Production – "Coriolanus", Denver Center Theatre

Best Sound Design – City Stage Ensemle/ Jack's Theatre

Best Director – Ed Baielein

Best Actor – Jaime Horton, DCTC

Best Actress – Ajata

Best Actor in a Single Performance – Philippe Bernier, "Betrayal"

Best Local Actress Made Good – Annette Bening

Best Musical – "Lost Highway: The Music and Legend of Hank Williams"

Best New Play – "Shooting stars", Molly Newman

Best New Theatre – Stage West

Best Theatre Group – The Denver Theatre Company

Best Children’s Theatre – A Company of Players

Best Comedy Club – Comedy Works

Best Local Comic – Don Becker

Best Open Mike – Brilling Works Tearoom

Best Poetry Readings – Marija Cerjak Society

Best Private Support for a Public Facility – Sidney Shlenker and McNichols Arena

Best Rock and Roll survivor – Barry Fey

Best Place to See National Acts Since the Rainbow Closed – The Hi Lo

Best Place to See a Concert – The Paramount Theatre

Best Concert of the Year – John Hiatt, The Broadway

Best Opening Act That Outclassed the Headliner – The DiVinyls opening for the Cult, Rainbow Music Hall

Best Annual Concert Series – Chataqua Festival

Best Public Service by a Classical Group – Denver Symphony Orchestra concert at Wheat Ridge Regional Center

Best Fundraising Event – Central City Casino Night

Best Concert Series - Visiting Artists – KCFR's evenings at 8

Best All Around Classical Musician – Duain Wolfe

Best Street Musician – Adam Smith, clarinet

Best Jazz Musician – Spike Robinson

Best Band Name – Screaming Locusts on Diving Boards

Best Art Band – Legacy of Sorrow

Best Local Band – Electric Third Rail

Best Rock Band – The Tremblers

Best Underground Band – The Fluid

Best Hardcore Band – Happy world

Best Dance Band – A.S. Anova

Best Blues Band- JD and the love Bandits

Best Folkie – Mary Flower

Best Bluegrass Band – Hotrize

Best C&W Band – The Hollywood Rodeo Band

Best Country Band in a Stuffy Setting – The cast of "Lost Highway" the life and Music of Hank Williams

Best Jam – Bob Pelligrino and anyone who drops in

Best Lounge Act – The Mood Express

Best Piano Bar Pianist – Drew salperto, Ivory's Piano Bar

Best Solo Performer – Bill White Acre

Best Biergarten Band – Brunhilda and the Oom Pah Pahs

Best Long Term Smiling in Spandex – Dick and the Chicks

Best Image Improvement – Jill Sobule

Best Red Hot Mama – Cathy Burns

Best Rock and Roll Hair – The Blue Jets

Best New Colorado Musician – Bernie Leadon Nitty Gritty Dirt

Best Local Musician on His Way to the Big Time – Kenny Vaughn

Best Songwriter – Jon Ims

Best Local Record – The Original Rabbits, "Tails from the Big Green"

Best Jukebox - Style – Juanita's Uptown

Best Jukebox - Selection – Subway Restaurant and Lounge

Best Movies on Television – KWGN, channel 2

Best Video Show – "Teletunes"

Best VJ – Shari Bernson

Best DJ (in memoriam) – Steven B. and The Hawk

Best Singing, Guitar Pickin' DJ – Jim Strickland

Best Black Radio Station – KDKO

Best Hispanic Radio Station – KUVO

Best Defunct Radio Format – KBRQ

Best Approximation of a Big City Music Scene – Cricket On The Hill Best Jazz Club - Atmosphere – The Burnsley

Best Jazz Club - Talent – The Champa Bar

Best Country & Western Club – The Exchange

Best Husband and Wife Square-dancing Team – Ed & Virginia Moore

Best Strip Joint – Shotgun Willie's

Best Place to Hear a Cappella Music – Acappella's

Best Place to Hear Flamenco Music – The European Gardens of Denver

Best Salsa Club – Street Light’s

Best Hangout for Off Duty Mariachis – Richie's Inn

Best Teen Club – Norman's Place

Best Mall Club – Max's, Southwest Plaza

Best Rock Club – Herman's Hideaway

Best Place to Dance – Rock Island

Best Accessory to Wear to Rock Island – A smile

Best Place to Dance Wednesday Nights – The Hi Lo

Best Place to go Ballroom Dancing – The Doubletree Hotel

Best Ladies' Room Renovation – Cricket On The Hill

Best Occasional Club – The Art Dept

Best New Club – Boulder's Coast

Best After Hours Club – Paris on The Platte

Best Happy Hour - Hors D'oeuvers – H. Brinker's

Best Happy Hour - Pick ups – Top of the Week, Denver Art Museum

Best Singles Bar – Ristorante Boccalino

Best Bartender – Greg Waidman, My Brother's Bar

Best Gay Bar - B.J.'s Carousel

Best Lesbian Bar – Divine Madness

Best Gay Bar for Sunday Sports – Sunday afternoons at the Foxhole

Best Sports Bar – Jackson's Hole

Best Mountain Bar – The Brook Forest Inn

Best Neighborhood Bar - Central – The Punch Bowl

Best Neighborhood Bar - South – Campus Lounge

Best Neighborhood Bar - North- Laddy's

Best Neighborhood Bar - West – Lane's Tavern

Best Neighborhood Bar - East – Mozart Lounge

Best Neighborhood Bar - Boulder – Tom's Tavern


Best Slap at Whiney Retailers – Jim Nicholson

Best Customer Service – REI Co-op

Best Returns Policy – Target

Best New Colorado Inventions – (tie) Nail-Chek and Taco Holder

Best Place With O'Rama in its Name – Nutorama

Best Men's Bathroom – State Capitol, third floor, in the press wing

Best Women's Bathroom – The Denver Country Club

Best Johnny on the Spot – Satellite Industries

Best Place to Get Married – Little Chapel in the Square, Heritage Square

Best Adult Motel – Mon Chalet

Best Honeymoon Spot Close to Town – The Peck House, Empire

Best Free Gift With a Funeral Plan – two records by The Olinger Quartet

Best Way to Scatter Your Ashes – Trail's End

Best Maternity Ward – Rose Medical Center

Best Midwife – John Lapentino

Best Place to be Tested for AIDS – University Hospital

Best Walk-in Health Clinic – Denver General Hospital

Best Emergency Room – 8th & Bannock (emergency entrance)

Best Children's Outpatient Clinic – Lakewood Surgical Center

Best Drugstore – Joy Pharmacy

Best Headache Cure – Headache Hotline at the Colorado Headache Clinic

Best Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Ronald E. Tegtmeier

Best Chiropractor – David M. Ackerman, P.C.

Best Incense Selection – Charon.

Best Religious Supplier – House of Carmel

Best Trinkets from Napal – Old Tibet

Best Statues of Ancient Goddesses – The Book Garden : A Women's Store

Best Place to Buy Mannequins – Public Fixture Company

Best Colorado Souvenirs – Adolph Coors Gift Shop

Best Technicolor Pictures of Colorado – Pictures of Colorado

Best Toy Store – Children's Palace

Best Card Shop – Card Blanche

Best Selection of Tarot Cards – Isis

Best Game Store – The Wizard's Chest

Best Piñatas – Atlantis Arts

Best Smoking Accessories Shop – Heads of State

Best Vintage Office Supply Store – Crest Distributing

Best Kitchen Store – Peppercorn Gourmet Goods & Cooking School

Best Place to Retrofit Your Kitchen – Recollections Indoor Flea Market

Best Cheap Pottery – Santa Fe Pottery

Best Used Furniture – Antique Trader

Best Hardware Store – Belcaro Ace Hardware

Best Home Decorating Store – Standard Brands

Best Do It Yourself Store – Do-It-Ur-Self Plumbing and Heating

Best Antiques – The Log cabin complex

Best Architectural Salvage Yard – Queen City Architectural Salvage

Best Junkyard – Disposal and recycling, Inc.

Best Lumberyard and Boutique – Garett A Lumber and Wrecking Co.

Best Free Fertilizer – 14795 W. 44th Ave.

Best Plant Nursery – Echter's Greenhouse and Gardens

Best Rose Garden – High Country Rosarium

Best Flowers (Retail) – Tagawa Garden Center and Florist

Best Cut Flowers (Wholesale) – Callahan Wholesale Florists, Inc.

Best Rummage Sale – St. John's Episcopal Cathedral

Best Thrift Shop – Crystal Gathering

Best Overall Vintage Shop – Rudely Decadent,

Best Vintage Lingerie – Rethreads

Best Vintage Shop – Ladies' Garments – Molly's Vintage Clothing

Best Vintage Store - Ladies' Hats – Raggedy Ann's Clothing and Costumes

Best Costume Jewelry – The Treasured Scarab

Best Accessories - Inexpensive – ABC Imports

Best Accessories - Expensive – Applause

Best Men's Fashion Bargains – FB Men's

Best Tie and Bowtie Selection – Lee's Men's Store

Best Women's Shoe Selection – Gussini Shoes

Best Men's Shoe Selection – The Garment District

Best Women's Shoes in Men's Sizes – Republic Shoes

Best Place to Buy Wide Size Women's Shoes – 15253 E. Mississippi

Best Cowboy Boots – PMM Western Wear & Saddlery

Best Western Wear – Jim Butcher Western Wear

Best Square-dance Supply House – Bobbi's Corner

Best Uniforms – Neve's Uniforms, Inc.

Best Place to Buy a Ninja Suit – Sword in the Stone

Best Costume Store – Collector's Choice Antiques and Vintage Clothing

Best Hats – Hats in the Belfry, The Shops at the Tabor Center

Best Lingerie – Pollyanna

Best Maternity Clothes – Joslins at Buckingham Square

Best Wedding Store – Wedding showcase

Best Baby Paraphernalia – Children's Palace

Best Used Children's Clothes – Children's Trading Post

Best Children's Clothes – Chocolate Soup

Best Bead Store – The Western Trading Post

Best Knitting Needle Prices – Woolworth's

Best Fiber Crafts Video – Skyloom Fibers

Best Fabric and Fashion Yarn – Fabrics Plus, Inc.

Best Art Supply Store – Meininger's

Best News Stand – Aurora Newsstand

Best Used Bookshop – Aion Used Bookshop

Best Maps – Maps Unlimited

Best Magazine Rack – Tattered Cover

Best Sunday Newspaper Delivery – Sagebrush news

Best Place to Read a Foreign Newspaper – Norlin Library, University Of Colorado at Boulder

Best Mystery Bookstore – Murder By The Book

Best Used Books - Thrift Store – Disabled American Veterans' Thrift Store

Best Bookstore With Tea and Sympathy – Equator Books

Best Bookbinders – Denver Bookbinding Co.

Best Atheist Bookstore – American Atheist Bookstore

Best Classical Record Selection – Sound Warehouse

Best Jazz Record Store- Jazz Record Revival

Best Used Record Store – Offbeat Records

Best Record Store – JB & H Records and Tapes

Best Place to Buy Sheet Music – Rockley Music

Best Guitar Store – Cadillac Guitars

Best Keyboard Store – Ed Shaeffer's Keyboard Exchange

Best Used Stereo Store – Recycled Audio

Best Music and Cult Classic Videos – Across the Trax

Best Guru Videos – New Age Video Rental Library Together Bookstore

Best Videotape Rentals - VHS – Screenplay

Best Videotape Rentals - Beta – Sound wharehouse

Best Books on Tape – Quality Time Audio Bookstore

Best Used Camera Store – AAF Photographical

Best Photo Supplies Store – S.O. Lindahl Photo Sales

Best Fast Photo Finishing – One hour Moto-Photo

Best Soundman for Hire – We B Sound

Best Video man – Bob Brandon

Best Cold Wax Hair Removal – Smoothies

Best Cheap Haircut – Gil's Barber Shop

Best Emergency Repair of a Hellish Haircut – Adesso

Best Place to Have a Men's Hairpiece Installed – Renewed Mane

Best Massage – Alan Minnich

Best Shoeshine – Georgie's Shine Parlor, The Ghost Building

Best Fast Shoe Repair – Shoebiz, Republic Plaza

Best Dry Cleaners – McMahan Cleaners

Best Lace and Linen Cleaners – Colorado Lace

Best Tailor and Alterations – The Alteration Lady

Best Framing and Shipping – Platte River Frameworks

Best Antique Music Box Repair – Elton Norwood

Best Clock Repair – All Time Clock Repair

Best Place to Get Old Radios Repaired – Bosley's TV and Radio

Best Home Inspection Service – Pearl Inspection Service

Best Cheap Upholstery – Colorado School of Upholstery

Best Appliance Repair Service – Appliance Rescue Service

Best Burglar Alarm – Alarms Inc.

Best Neighborhood Post Office – The Way We Were Antiques

Best Drive-up Bank -Downtown – The Women's Bank

Best Banking Hours – Bank of Boulder

Best Bank for Getting a Loan – Colorado State Employees Credit Union

Best Realtor When You're Broke and Out of References – Eddie Turner, Preferred Properties

Best Financial Planner – J.D. Schwartz and Co.

Best Pre-school – Iliff Pre-school

Best Adult Education Classes – Gove Community School

Best Place to Learn a Foreign Language – Alliance Francaise

Best Italian Teacher – Miriam Turri, University of Denver

Best Yoga Teacher – Patricia Hansen, Together Books

Best Math Tutors – Algebra and Beyond Professional Tutors

Best Place to Play Bridge – Denver Bridge Club

Best Place to Learn Ballroom Dancing – Carter's Dance Studio

Best Bed & Breakfast in Town – Queen Anne Inn

Best Bed & Breakfast - Out of town – KK Ranch and Carriage Museum

Best Car Club – The National Nomad Club

Best Gas Station – Mile High Standard

Best Generic Car Repair – Monerize it Fast

Best Saab repair – Sweedish Automotive and Bodyworks

Best Auto Salvage – European- European Auto Salvage

Best Volkswagen Repair – Boltswagen of Denver

Best Pet Dentist – Dr. Peter Emily

Best Cat Boarding – Cat Spa

Best Place to Buy Tropical Fish – Tropic Seas

Best Large Animal Vet – Mark McCall, D.V.M, Cherry Creek Animal Clinic

Best Place to Buy Your Dog a Birthday Present – Cat's Pajamas/Doggie Downtown

Best Place to Buy Varmint Traps – Rocky Mountain Seed Co.

Best Butcher – Garrison Ranch Market

Best Seafood Market – Mostly Seafood

Best Bakery – Cheesecakes and More

Best Bran Muffin – Trumps

Best Selection of Pastries from the Netherlands – Granada Fish Market Sakura Square

Best Cornbread – Marie Calendar’s Restaurant and Bakery,

Best Coffebean Selection – Coffeebean and Tea Leaf

Best Occult Herb Selection – Coven Gardens

Best Herb Selection – Naturally

Best Fruit and Vegetable Stand – Jak-N-Jill Country Market

Best Organic Produce – Alfalfa's

Best Italian Market – Mancinelli Italian Market

Best Mexican Market – Johnnie’s Grocery & Market

Best Oriental Market- Pacific Mercantile

Best Water Selection – FBC

Best Selection of Non-alcoholic Beer and Wine – Argonaut Liquors

Best Liquor Store – Applejack Liquors

Best Grocery Store - Chain – Safeway

Best Grocery Store - Specialty – FBC Foods International


Best Cheap Breakfast- Economy Greek Market

Best Exotic Cheap Breakfast – The Upper Larimer Cafe

Best Power Breakfast – Herb's State Capitol basement

Best Sunday Brunch – The Garden Room at Keystone Lodge

Best Donuts – Daylight Donuts

Best Cinnamon Roll – Bud's Diner

Best Biscuits and Gravy – Mark Singers

Best All-you-can-eat Lunch – Denver 8 Motel

Best Free Lunch – Hare Krishna House

Best Place to Take a Three Martini Lunch – Denver Waterworks

Best Hot Lunch that Grandma Would Want You to Have – Good Morning House

Best Place for a Luncheon Tryst – Pagliacci's

Best Sidewalk Food – Burrito Terrace

Best Food Court Food – Gator's Barbecue, The Tabor Center

Best Fast Food Chain – El Pollo Asado

Best Drive-in – The Chuck Wagon

Best Diner - Ambiance – L.A Diner

Best Diner - Food – Dot's Diner

Best Appetizers – TransAlpin

Best Outdoor Cafe for People Watching – The Paramount Cafe

Best Outdoor Cafe for Getting Back to Nature – Maria's Bakery

Best Dinner Buffet – Western Sizzlin' Steakhouse

Best Dinner Under $5 – Brick Oven Beanery

Best Place to Spend the Evening – Chive's American Bistro

Best 24-hour Restaurant – Sac's Third Avenue Deli and Gourmet Market

Best Small Banquet Room – The Pig Room at Eddie Bohn's Pig 'N Whistle

Best Large Banquet Room – The Rattlesnake Club Atrium

Best Homemade Soups – Fatz City

Best Relish Tray – Emil-lene's Sirloin House

Best Salad Bar – Souper Salad

Best Resurrection of a Favorite Menu Item – Chesby's Nutty Salad

Best Caesar Salad – Ristorante Boccalino

Best Tuna Salad Sandwich – 20th Street Cafe

Best Hot Roast Beef Sandwich – Fenway Park

Best Polish Dog – Mustard's Last Stand

Best Hot Dogs – Sabrett's

Best Cheese steak – The Steakman

Best French Fries – Barn'Rds

Best Tater Tots – Sonic Drive In

Best Baked Potatoes – Morton's of Chicago

Best Onion Rings – Trinity Grille

Best Tempeh – Green's Restaurant

Best Barbecued Tofu – Wolfe's barbecue

Best Calzones – Famous Pizza

Best Pizza by the Slice – New York Pizza Boys

Best Pizza – Armando's Pizzeria of Cherry Creek

Best Specialty Pizza – Gaetano's

Best Garlic Overdose – Pizza Palace

Best Hamburger – Spanky's

Best Cheeseburger – Brooklyn's

Best Place to Satiate a Craving for Raw Meat – Normandy French Restaurant

Best Prime Rib – Morton's of Chicago

Best Chicken- Fried Steak – The Black Eyed pea

Best Fried Chicken – The White Fence Farm

Best Steak House – Emil-Lene's Sirloin House

Best Barbecue – M&D's BBQ and Fish Palace

Best Soul Food – Zona's Tamales/Zona's Cafeteria

Best Creole – Foucher's Creole Cafe

Best Cajun – Lucile's

Best Seafood – The Manhattan Café

Best Seafood Bargain – Port Of Denver

Best Deli – Goldie's

Best New American Restaurant – Littleby's

Best German Restaurant – The Black Forest Inn

Best Greek Restaurant – The Central 1, 600

Best Ethiopian Restaurant – 2816 E. Colfax

Best Afghani Restaurant – Khyber Pass

Best Indian Restaurant – Tandoor

Best Middle Eastern restaurant – Angleson's

Best Jamaican Restaurant – Jamaican Delight

Best Moroccan Restaurant – The Golden Inn

Best Russian Restaurant – The Little Russian Cafe

Best Swiss Restaurant – Swiss Bells

Best Hungarian Restaurant – Csar'das Hungarian Restaurant

Best Nouveau Italian Restaurant – Al Fresco

Best Italian Food - Inexpensive – Papa J's

Best Italian -Expensive – Cafe Franco

Best French Restaurant - Inexpensive – The Quorum

Best French Restaurant – Expensive – John's Restaurant

Best Thai Restaurant – Sukhotai

Best Vietnamese Restaurant – T-Wa

Best Sushi – Sushi Heights

Best Sushi Bargain – Sushi Den

Most Outrageous Sushi Bar Experience – Akebono

Best Japanese Restaurant – Don Don

Best Use of an Abacus – Tommy Wong's Chinese Kitchen

Best Egg rolls – Rappscallions

Best Cold Sesame Noodles – The Imperial

Best Spur-of-the-moment Chinese Banquet – Twin Dragon

Best Chinese Restaurant - Inexpensive – Linda Cheng's Chinese Kitchen

Best Chinese Restaurant - High end – La Chine

Best Chips – Juanita's Uptown

Best Salsa – Las Delicias

Best Guacamole – The Riviera

Best Nachos – The Parlour Bar & Restaurant

Best Cheese Crisp – La Nueva Poblana

Best Tortillas – La Favorita

Best Green Chile – Lolita's

Best menudo – The Elbow Room

Best Taco – Benny's Cantina

Best Enchilada – The Satire

Best Mexican Specialty – Las Delicias'"Carne Adoba"

Best Beans & Rice – City Spirit Cafe

Best Tamale – Alamos Verde’s

Best Chile Rellenos – La Paloma Blanca

Best Smothered Burrito – Rosa Linda Mexican Cafe

Best Huevos Rancheros – Chives American Bistro

Best Fajitas – Paradiso

Best Mexican Chicken Dish – Juanita's Uptown

Best Liquados – Taqueria Patzcuaro

Best Margarita – Gringo's

Best Sopapillas – Casa Bonita

Best All-purpose, All Hours, Mexican Joint – Chubby Burger Drive In

Best Mexican Restaurant Inexpensive – La Casa de Manuel

Best Mexican Restaurant Expensive – Moctezuma's

Best Southwestern Restaurant – Cactus

Best Soda Fountain – Watson's

Best Milk Shake – Annie's Cafe

Best Ice Cream Parlor – Lickety Split

Best Ice Cream Sandwich – Sweetie Pies

Best Desserts – Wheat Ridge Dairy

Best Takeout Pie from a Restaurant – Dino's Italian Food

Best Cup of Coffee – The Trinity Grille

Best Restaurant that Delivers – Speedy Burrito

Best Interior – City Spirit

Best Bathroom Graffiti – Transalpin

Best Aquarium – Simms Landing.

Best Make out Corner – The Ironworks

Best Decaf Coffee – Trident Bookseller

Best Beer List – The Old Library

Best Wine List – Cliff Young's

Best Non-alcoholic Drink Selection – Racine's

Best Frou Frou Drinks – The Imperial

Best Children's Menu – White Fence Farm

Best Place to Take Kids and Still Have a Grownup Time – Acappella's

Best Restaurant to Take Your Mother to – Phillipe's

Best Rebirth of a Restaurant – Avenue Bar and Grill

Best Restaurant for Smokers – The Market

Best Restaurant for Non Smokers – Dozens

Best Waiter – John, Lincoln One Hundred

Best Undiscovered Restaurant – Lincoln One Hundred

Best Restaurant With a Mountain View – The Observatory

Best Restaurant With a Downtown View – The Agusta

Best Restaurant for a Romantic Dinner – Cliff Young's

Best Restaurant to Take Tourists to – The Fort

Best Restaurant When Someone Else is Paying – The Rattlesnake Club

Best New Restaurant – Strings