Andrew Gelston Graham: A walk to remember CU grad in unsolved homicide

It was a year ago this Saturday night that Andrew Gelston Graham, a 23-year-old University of Colorado grad who threw a mean Frisbee and loved poetry and music, was killed by a single gunshot wound a short distance from his Arapahoe County home. Family, friends, law enforcement officers and others will commemorate his life with a candlelit walk in Centennial.

Graham had been planning to start grad school at CU in math and engineering and was returning from apartment-hunting in Boulder when he got off the light rail station at County Line Road around 11:40 pm on November 5, 2009. His body was found hours later a few blocks from his family home.

As Michael Roberts noted last April, the homicide has been linked to a series of apparently racially motivated attacks and robberies at light-rail stations and in lower downtown. While the names of several suspects have surfaced in search warrants connected with the investigation, no charges have yet been filed -- prompting Andrew's mother, Cindy Gelston-Graham, to appeal in a recent interview for the suspects to have the courage to come clean.

The Walk of Remembrance for Graham will begin at 6 pm on Saturday, November 6, at the Willow Creek II Clubhouse, 8500 Mineral Drive. For more information, call 720-874-4165.

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