Role Models' vicious attack on the Denver omelette

Ken Jeong gives Paul Rudd the finger in Role Models.

Role Models, a new flick co-starring Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott as energy-drink salesmen forced to take part in a mentorship program after briefly going rogue, has some pretty funny bits -- although there's a little too much learning going on, if you know what I mean. Still, the moment that will stick with many locals involves Ken Jeong, the Knocked Up vet who plays King Argotron, ruler of the realm among participants in a medieval game called LAIRE (it stands for "Live Action Interactive Role-play Explorers"). Rudd's character is apologizing to the ridiculous monarch, who's in full costume as he sits at a table in a fast-food restaurant called the Burger Hole, when a waitress interrupts to ask who ordered the Denver omelette. When Argotron speaks up, the audience is supposed to laugh.

Do the filmmakers think a Denver omelette is funny in and of itself? Or does it strike them as the ultimate nerd food -- the twerpiest thing a breakfaster could possibly order? Hard to say. But if these fancy-pants Hollywood types don't stop making fun of our cuisine, maybe we should make them eat a few dozen Rocky Mountain oysters. -- Michael Roberts