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Reader: Denver Rent Gouging Is Out of Control

Denver's finish among the twenty cities with the fastest-rising rent didn't surprise a lot of our readers, who sprinkled stories about jaw-slackening increases with plenty of frustration. Here's a prime example.

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Lori Ann Knapp writes:

Huge problem! I know many twenty somethings going to school, working 2 jobs and still unable to go out and get their own place because of how ridiculously hight rent is. We saddle them with debt to get a higher education to try to better themselves and along the way we gouge them with the high cost of living. And God forbid we raise the minimum wage. Come on! It doesn't take a mathematician to do the math here. The wealth inequality in this country is out of control! The future isn't so bright you gotta wear shades, its so bleak you gotta close your eyes and pray the corporate class throws you enough crumbs to survive or that you have a winning lottery ticket.

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