Ethan Ruddy, ex-high school cheerleader, indicted for sex assault

Ethan Ruddy's Facebook page features plenty of wholesome photos, including ones showing him with fellow members of a past Conifer High School co-ed cheer squad. But the crime he's been accused of committing is far darker.

The Denver District Attorney's Office has charged Ruddy, eighteen, with sexual assault on an incapacitated victim.

On June 11, according to an arrest affidavit on view below, a nineteen-year-old woman traveled to the Denver Police Department's District 4 station to report a sexual assault that had allegedly happened at a residence on Park Place.

Earlier that day, she told an officer, she'd passed out in a car from excessive drinking -- and while she didn't know what happened next from personal observation, an eighteen-year-old witness filled her in on the disturbing details. The latter said Ruddy carried her into the home's garage, where he was living. The witness subsequently entered the garage and saw Ruddy sexually assaulting the blacked-out woman.

Both women subsequently cooperated with police interviews, and the witness positively identified Ruddy from a photo -- presumably a mug shot from what Arvada Police Department spokeswoman Jill McGranahan describes as an earlier, drug-related accusation.

His latest charge is a level-four felony. Ruddy has been released on a $50,000 bond, but he'll have to return to court for his second advisement on Friday. That's nothing to cheer about.

Look below to see the aforementioned affidavit, followed by a larger look at Ruddy's most recent booking photo.

Ethan Ruddy Arrest Affidavit

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