Sydney Spies's yearbook photo too sexy for Durango High School?

Students protested at Durango High School yesterday. But the demonstration wasn't on behalf of Occupy Wall Street or world peace or any of those mundane subjects that get people's drawers in a bunch.

No, this was about whether Durango High School can reject a yearbook photo of senior Sydney Spies on account of sexiness.

As reported by the Durango Herald, DHS students have until Friday to submit a photo for the yearbook. Problem is, the one Spies prefers shows her wearing a teensy black shawl and a short-short skirt that displays plenty of leg, à la the sort of vixens that used to pop up on car hoods in '80s-era metal videos.

Here it is.

This request put school officials in an uncomfortable position, since there's apparently no formal policy in regard to yearbook photos. So the powers-that-be rejected the image based on it violating the school dress code, which calls for tops that "fully cover the chest, back, abdomen and sides of the student." That didn't fly with Spies, who organized a rally at the school yesterday to denounce the decision in advance of a meeting with administrators scheduled for tomorrow. Among the attendees was her mom, Miki, who not only supports her daughter's quest, but says she plans to consult a Denver-based attorney to explore their legal options.

It's yet another reason to love America.

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