Gary Faulkner, bin Laden hunter: In Letterman preview, he says he wanted to take Osama alive

America can't get enough of Gary Faulkner, who recently returned from Pakistan following his quizzical quest to bag Osama bin Laden. Just days after a remarkable CNN interview during which he almost imploded, he hit CBS' Early Show in advance of his planned appearance on David Letterman's program tonight, describing himself as a "thief" who planned to "boost" bin Laden, as opposed to simply slaying him. See it below:

In the Early Show chat, Faulkner said he can't divulge who helped him draw a bead on bin Laden, whether it to "the Pakistani government, the military or people in the neighborhood," because of information that will come out down the line. But he conceded that "this has sort of blown up in my face before it should have."

He added that assumptions about him wanting to kill Osama are inaccurate. "I want him alive and bring him to justice" along the lines of Saddam Hussein, who "went down like a dog... and he got hung. Now he's just a by-word."

And how's Faulkner planning on nabbing bin Laden?

"I'm a thief," he said. "I'm gonna boost him. I don't plan on doing a job because I want to get caught. I'm there to get something, whether it's to get into someone's house or go do a bank or whatever. I'm there to get him."

Bet Letterman is salivating the thought of quizzing Faulkner, as opposed to, say, Grown Ups' Rob Schneider. Here's the Early Show segment:

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