Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene's latest TV appearance nearly causes more vomiting

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Remember that beautiful day in October when Balloon Boy Falcon Heene puked on the Today Show as his dad, Richard Heene, tried to convince America that the entire fiasco involving his runaway "experimental craft" had been genuine?

Well, Heene returned to the scene of the slime today as part of his loony attempt to rehabilitate his image -- and heaving was once again on the agenda. Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden said that when he saw Big Dick claiming that he'd lied about the hoax being, well, a hoax during a chat with CNN's Larry King earlier this week, "My first reaction was between laughing and throwing up."


As you'll see in the clip above, Today's Matt Lauer seems to feel pretty much the same way as he listens to Heene assert that the authorities had presented "close to a hundred-some-odd lies" about him. Later, Heene declared, "I'm being persecuted, I think, for the benefit of Alderden. His term runs out in 2011. He's probably going to run for governor -- who knows?"

While Scott McInnis and John Hickenlooper chew that over, at least the nation's TV viewers can rest assured that Heene's latest media blitz will have to pause on Monday, when he must report for jail. But he told Lauer he'd have more to say after he serves his sentence.

At which time the rest of us will vomit.