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Sh*t People From Boulder Say: Our ten favorites in the Twitter trend

In the spirit of beating a dead horse, we're back with another update on Colorado's inclusion in the long-winded "Sh*t _______ Says" trend. Last week, Westword presented you with our video addition to the city's stereotypes, Sh*t People From Denver Say, but we're not the only area residents who have reached trope status online. Behold Shit Boulderites Say -- and a list of our ten favorite Boulder quotes on view below.

Boulder doesn't yet have a video memorial of its most popular adages (Are you there, Daily Camera? It's me, Internet meme). So in typical Boulder fashion, this round-up took to Twitter. The collection continues most recently through the hashtags #shitbouldersays and #shitboulderitesssay, but for a more complete version of the results, check out Twitter user @shitboulderitessay. True to dying-trend form, however, that account hasn't been updated in almost a month. Instead, add your own takes on Denver's quote-collecting neighbor in the comments section below.

Our favorite things people from Boulder apparently say (a lot):

10. "Do you care about the birth control rights of gay whales? Can you spare a moment to chat?" 9. "I have so many Patagonia products I can't even stop. I mean, I don't even know how to stop." 8. "Going ice climbing. See ya later." 7. "I'm tempted to go to a nutritionist and find out what's wrong with me." 6. "Trader Joe's is coming to Boulder!? I almost moved back to CA for that." 5. "I almost got hit by a Prius this morning. I didn't hear it coming." 4. "Does that have gluten in it?" 3. "Want to go to Denver?" "Nah, it's too far." 2. "Do these feather extensions make my Uggs look weird?" 1. "Yo, check out this dubstep remix."

So who's funnier: Denver or Boulder? And what do you think should have made the list? Give us your take in the comments section.

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