Dan Hawkins and Cody Hawkins: Indecision over starting QB at CU constitutes child abuse

When Dan Hawkins was retained as CU's head coach last November, despite a 2009 performance that provided plenty of reasons for his sacking, fans were left to hope that he'd at least try not to repeat past mistakes.

No such luck. One of his biggest errors during his CU tenure has been his continued insistence that his son, Cody, has the stuff to be a high-caliber Big 12 starting quarterback -- a theory that's been disproven time and time again.

But daddy still can't let go.

During a teleconference yesterday, Hawkins said the quarterback competition between Cody and should-be-starter Tyler Hansen was "paper thin," once again raising the possibility of his progeny under center.

This lingo may make dinner-table conversations more comfortable, but they do neither Cody nor the Buffs as a whole any favors. Hansen deserves to have the staff -- and that includes the head coach -- put all their collective confidence in his ability to lead the team. And while he's no Colt McCoy or Sam Bradford, he's got a far greater upside than Hawkins the Younger, who's been given chance after chance to blossom as a big-time college player and has consistently fallen short.

Coach Hawkins may eventually come to this conclusion, joining the rest of the CU Nation once he does. But in the meantime, the thought of another season of vacillation and indecision makes dreams of an improved Buffs squad seem more like nightmares.