Save Mister Splashy Pants!

It's whaling season again and Greenpeace and the more zealous Sea Sheperd Conservation Society (profiled in this great National Geographic piece by Denver writer Peter Heller, which he later expanded into a book) are surely steaming their way to the Antarctic Ocean to stop the Japanese whaling fleet. But back home, Greenpeace decided to start a whale-naming contest, presumably to remind the world that whales are people too. But here's the rub: over 11,000 names were suggested, and of the ones they liked and put on the e-ballot, the fan favorite so far has been Mister Splashy Pants. Fucking awesome, right? Not so according to the aptly named enviro site, which wrote: The poll is down to 30 names now, and unlike Mr. Splashy Pants, some of them very beautiful. Among them are Anahi, which means immortal in Persian, Kaimana (divine power of the ocean in Polynesian), and Shanti (peace), Suzuki (after David), Aurora (dawn) and Humphrey (?).

Voting is being extended until Dec. 7, supposedly due to popular demand (and perhaps vain hope on Greenpeace's part that their whale will get a decent name). Do your bit and save a whale's self respect

Greenpeace caved and so the voting has been extended to December 7. So, calling all friends of Mister Splashy Pants: Do your part and let these hippies know that you can save the world and keep your sense of humor intact, vote today! -- Sean Cronin