Bedbugs: Watch them suck human blood, defecate and have sex (VIDEO)

Bob Hancock is a biology professor at Metro State College. He's also "Mosquito Man," star of the documentary The Bedbugs of London. In it, Hancock journeys to London in search of an infested hotel room in which to spend the night. Along the way, he offers facts about the bloodsuckers, as well as up-close footage of their bizarre mating habits. Page down to see clips. For more on Denver bedbugs, read this week's cover story, "Bug Bedlam."

As Hancock explains, bedbugs engage in what's known as "traumatic insemination." The male bedbug pierces the female bedbug with his penis and then injects sperm into the wound. In this clip, called "Sexual Trauma," Hancock films the whole she-bang up close.

One way to tell if you have bedbugs is to look for their poop, which looks like tiny black dots. In this clip, called "Fashionable Feces," Hancock gets all up in the bedbugs' business.

This last clip, called "A Night to Remember," is the creepiest. We learn that Hancock has tracked down a hotel room infested with bedbugs, and that the owners have allowed him to spend the night there and film what happens. Do not watch this before bedtime. Seriously.

To contact Hancock, e-mail him at [email protected].

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